In this day and age of digital media, there will no doubt be many attendees taking selfies, photos with their favourite cosplayers and guests and of everything the show has to offer.  AND, we highly encourage photos and video of our event!!  Many of our local media and photo enthusiasts will be in attendance for that purpose!  That being said, please be aware that you MAY be photographed or filmed while visiting CAPE.

If you are taking a direct photograph or video of someone, PLEASE show respect and ask the person for permission first.  If you are asked to be photographed, we hope you will accept.  However, you have a right to refuse!  And, please keep in mind that many times  you may simply appear in the background of someone's photographs or video which your attendance implies.

Please be aware that by entering the CAPE areas, you consent to your voice and likeness being used without compensation in film or photographs in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised.  By entering the CAPE areas, you release CAPE from any liability on account of such usage.  If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, please do not enter this area.




If you have pre-purchased your tickets, please proceed to the Main Admission Line to receive your bracelet/stamp.  Children 12 and under DO NOT need a ticket.



If you have pre-purchased your tickets and need to pick them up at Will Call, please proceed to the Will Call desk (first table on the left) to receive your Admission Bracelet.   You may then proceed to the Main Admission Line.



If you need to purchase tickets at the door, please report  to the Cash (located just after the Reception Desk on the right.  You will receive your Admission Bracelet and then proceed to join the Main Admission Line.



Need to repair your costume?

Need to do your makeup?

Need a place to change?

Want to unmask without revealing your identity?

Want a quick break to recharge?

Visit the Cosplay Lounge located in the Dressing Room access hallway (see sign).

The Cosplay Lounge is a SAFE area with a strict NO CAMERA policy! - Sorry no photos or selfies in this area please!

CAPE is not responsible for any personal belongings or valuables left in this area.



Planning to Cosplay at CAPE?  GREAT!  Join us for our Cosplay Contest happening on Saturday at 3:45.  

Registration is FREE and you can do so at the Cosplay Contest Registration area located in the main entrance.

Please note that this contest is in no way endorsed or affiliated with any outside ranking or cosplay associations and therefore will not offer any ranking systems.

However, we hope you will share your great cosplay with us!  We are doing this to help you showcase your work, for the fans to appreciate all of your efforts and to give you the opportunity to win something.

All winners will receive a small prize and Certificate.



nwiAll Panels / Q&A Sessions will happen in the Automotive Room (located at the right of the Main Entrance).  

ENTRANCE however is ONLY granted THROUGH the CAPE main admission door with valid bracelet. 

Please see schedule online or printed version in your program for details and times.

Please note that the Degrassi Detention Pizza Party is a SEPARATE ticketed event and will be closed to attendees during that timeframe unless you have purchased a ticket to this event.




For the physical safety and peace of mind of all convention attendees, all prop weapons, props resembling weapons (including guns, swords, spears, whips, bows, etc.) or large props must be checked and authorized by the Weapons Check upon arrival.

Please show respect and constraint (especially around children).

Show staff reserve the right to inspect weapons and may ask to see clearance tab at any time.

Horseplay of any kind with weapons will not be tolerated.  All complaints will be dealt with immediately and may result in immediate loss of the privilege to carry weapons or  expulsion/escort from the show without refund.

Please  store weapons while travelling or visiting city areas to avoid causing public alarm.  

All weapons and props must be in plain sight at all times and are subject to mandatory inspections performed by CAPE and security staff.

Approved weapons will be tagged in a visible area of the prop and your show bracelet may be marked as well.
Weapons or props which fail to meet the safety criteria of the Weapons Check must be immediately returned to storage (e.g.: your hotel room or vehicle) for the duration of the show or be stored by the Weapons Check and collected upon departure.

Pliable or soft plastic weapon replicas are allowed but foam is preferable.

NO live firearms including airsoft, modern, hunting or historic
NO Replica firearms made from metal, solid resin or rubber and wooden props
NO props or weapons capable of firing any projectile or powder charge of any kind.  
Nerf guns and other foam dart guns ARE allowed, but they must NOT have any foam darts loaded at any time.
Bows and slingshots are allowed, however, they must be de-strung.
NO laser pointers
NO throwing weapons
NO weapons with metal or steel blades
NO prohibited weapons (ex:  Bali-song ("butterfly knife"), switchblade or dropblade style knives,  Nunchucks, tonfas, shurikens, or similar  (foam models of these items are permitted).
NO batons, tazers or mace
NO  sharp points, sharp edges, excessive weight

Weapons will not be drawn or displayed at the show or in any public or crowded area except for specific photo ops areas.

If you buy a metal sword, knife or martial arts weapons at the convention you must ensure it stays packaged or bring it to Weapons Check for storage.